Securing the Workforce Dream with Cisco and Citrix

Making access safe and seamless for every user, on any device, using any app.

Your workforce demands easy and immediate access to tools and data, and IT professionals know the criticality of securing that access.

This webcast shows you how Cisco Duo multi-factor authentication and Citrix Workspace combine to deliver a secure environment that never gets in your users’ way—while also providing the flexibility and performance required to enable innovation and achievement.

You’ll learn:

  • How to protect your workforce without disrupting productivity
  • Why emerging threats and attacker targets demand a zero-trust approach
  • The technologies required for zero-trust security
  • How Cisco Duo aligns with compliance regulations for security—including those for federal agencies and contractors

For more details about how Cisco Duo and Citrix can enable hassle-free security for your organization, click here.